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Stone Ground

Making foods from scratch is not a lost art in our kitchen.  Every tortilla and chip begins as an organic corn seed sprouting in the sunny warmth of the American South West.  Nurtured by the farmer and the soil, stalks grow strong to produce hearty ears of corn. Whole kernels are plucked from the cob, dried, and cooked complete with all their nutrients, fiber, and bran. Ground between hand-cut volcanic lava millstones the cooked kernels are then reduced to a fine and flavorful masa - much like the dough you’d find in Mexico’s heartland centuries ago.  
Sure it takes a while, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. By making our own masa we get to choose the corn that goes into our products and bake you foods that make the most of every part of the kernel to deliver rich unique flavor, a delightful crunch, and whole grain nutrition. Once you have a taste, you’ll agree.  But don’t thank us. We do a lot of the busy work, but the corn is the real hero. Gracias maize, gracias.